Translucent Chocolates and the American Cancer Society: Aligned and Working Together for Strides Against Breast Cancer

Contributing to the continuation of research, and in a relentless drive to support the American Cancer Society’s fundraising programs, Strides Against Breast Cancer, we are now selling the “2016 Pink Ribbon Mix” to help raise awareness about early detection and treatment. Please help the American Cancer Society reach their 2016’s Goals in the “Strides Against Breast Cancer” campaign. To order, call our office: 312-404-1812, Nicole in our CA office 312-550-4656, or Melanie at the American Cancer Society office: 850-244-3813. The first 50 boxes each week are shipped at no cost to you and upon request your box will be delivered with a 10$ gift card compliments of Translucent Chocolates.

Each box is in memory of my godmother, Beverly Adrians. She bravely survived 10+ years of almost monthly treatments, and she did so without complaining.  Her outcome could have been different – if the lump in her breast had been properly biopsied and read as malignant by pathology.  Had the specimen that was sent for the second opinion as requested been valid, was it transported correctly?

Six months plus later, at her follow up, the “lymph node lump” was identified to be Breast Cancer.  Stage 3. It had spread to a dozen other areas, each required removal and treatment. Who knows where else it had spread but was dormant, how many other locations the cancer had seeped into, or how long in between each treatment regimen she had to recuperate.

Bev’s daughters were both POSITIVE on the BRAC Test.  My mom’s other sister went through breast cancer treatment this past year, and is in remission. We all have a story. A sister, mother, daughter or aunt that are receiving their diagnosis every day. There is a cure.  Early detection is key and makes it easier to treat. Until all are aware, keep reaching!!

There Is Hope

Medicine has come a long way.  I work in the field of Oncology.  I see first hand, that typically the best chance a patient has of survival is their duration of personal hope.  How positive their individual outlook is, and the vibe of others beliefs, daily.  I have been witness to how a mind over matter, in this field, often is the defining difference.

The remission rates are improving as oncology treatments and medicine continue to advance.  In the face of fear, by positively confronting the feelings that any diagnosis of Cancer bring, we can continue to help others by to keeping alive the very real thing called hope, there is hope.

Help Us In Making Strides Against Breast Cancer

Translucent Chocolates has partnered with the American Cancer Society, helping to raise money through Chocolate Sales.  All Donated proceeds go directly to the ACS and October’s Strides Against Breast Cancer 2016 Campaign. Translucent Chocolates is committed to providing another avenue to compliment the Strides fundraising revenue in October to raise money with the American Cancer Society.

Raise Awareness. Give hope so that one day there is a common Cure for Breast Cancer.  YOU can donate to the American Cancer Society’s October, ‘Making Strides Breast Cancer’ fundraiser by getting a BOX of the Custom designed 2016 Pink Ribbon Mix. Strides Against Breast Cancer is a campaign to raise the necessary funds to ensure that the treatment is available for as many as possible, and donations also help fund clinical trials so that research continues.

Chocolate For A Cause

“Chocolate for a Cause” is our way help to catapult donations, raise even more awareness & support research that leads to the cure. We package each of the 2016 Pink Ribbon boxes individually with love and a unique Colored Chocolate pattern. We want our appreciation to be thoughtful and transparent. Thank you, you have made a difference. If you find yourself enjoying a handful of pink chocolate, remember that it’s a hug in a box from us, just for you.

A POUND of The 2016 PINK RIBBON Mix Consists Of:

Chocolate Coated Dark and Light Pink Colored Sunflower Seeds, Shiny Hot Pink Sixlets, Pink Dark Chocolate Mint Bites, Chocolate Covered-Metallic-Pink-&-Gold-Colored Roasted Almonds,  Powder-Pink-Chocolate-Enrobed-Almonds, Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans, and Milk Chocolate Coated Pretzel Balls.  Pink Minty Chocolate Disks and a Splash of Light Raspberry Colored Ink Orbs, Clearly We Think Pink.

$20.00 =  1- One Pound box .  $10.00 = 1- Half Pound Box.

All proceeds from of every single box go to the American Cancer Society  

Because Awareness & Hope Matter

We are currently working with Emerald Coast Making Strides Against Breast Cancer. You can help support us with your purchase of the 2016 Pink Ribbon Mix. Please help support Chocolate for a Cause because early awareness and hope matter. Buy a $10 or $20 box of 2016 Chocolates For A Cause PINK RIBBON MIX  to enjoy!  We are donating all proceeds to the ACS. (please ask for a receipt or the Tax Exemption ID if you need them.)

Call Melanie at the American Cancer Society office: 850-244-3818 or Annastacia: 312-404-1812. For more information about future Chocolate for a Cause Campaigns, or bulk sales please reach out, leave us your name, email and comments or suggestions.  You will also get receive a discount coupon for 25% off your next box if you refer a friend in the notes section. Let us know that you did when you call to get yours!

Thank you!

Originally posted: 9.30.2016, latest Update: 10.27.2016

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