We Challenge YOU TO BE AN Active PART OF THE CURE for Cancer

We Challenge YOU TO BE AN Active PART OF THE CURE.

Translucent Chocolates is working with this years Relay for Life teams once again!  In time for Mardi Gras 2017, we showed full fledge commitment by sharing our HOPE.  NOLAs favorite colors in delicious boxes of Limited Edition themed chocolates were available across the city.

Volunteers had half pound Gift Boxes of the 2017 Mardi Gras Mix available at several of the nastoligic parties and notorious parades across the city for during Mardi Gras in February of this year.  The chocolates were originally customize by request for use at a large private art gallery opening.  Requests to purchase the Mardi Gras Mix started immediately following.  Another unique request had gone viral & Many locals, with amazing community and ACS support, purchased boxes for their personal consumption, parties & and for their family and friends to enjoy throughout the festivities.   As promised ALL profits were gifted to the local American Cancer Society chapter.  I also had the pleasure of meeting with New Orleans team of Community Outreach Leadership and several Volunteer Managers while we were in town.  Their passion and immediately obvious shared dedication was so inspiring it prompted an immediate revamp of our sites ability to partner with more volunteers.  Stay tuned, we expect this will more than triple Our 100% Volunteer Gifting to an important non-profit who’s charitable cause touches each of us in some way!

The American Cancer Society. ~ Thank You for your contributions New Orleans, in the Race for a Cure!

Relay for Life kicks off 2017 Mardi Gras, giving NOLA & local ACS the 1st peek at Translucent Chocolates Purple fundraising passion !
Raising Funds & Awareness New Orleans style.
(Thanks Anne & Jasmine).   


We Challenge YOU to BE an Active PART of THE CURE.

Make a difference and join the 2017 Spring GIFT CHOCOLATE GIVE HOPE ACS initiative !!! 

Check out our product catalog to see all the various colors your team can choose from in assorted array of themed chocolates or choose one of our premixed box creations.  Based on the color you are wanting, we offer chocolate covered almonds, chocolate covered sunflower seeds, chocolate covered metallic almonds and nut mixtures. No matter what Volunteering team you are cheering on and how rowdy your party gets, our chocolates will add some deliciousness to it and all the profits from boxes your group sells goes in YOUR name to the ACS team of your HOPE!

Help us keep Reaching!!  Call 312-404-1812 and someone will walk you through setting your team up on line. 



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