Hello Ashley

Hello Ashley,

Likely an unexpected note, but a sincere one that I hope can help me help you give some people (namely those who decided they should publically make negative comments and/or accusations on your blog) another perspective.

Yes, there are dishonest people out there that think it’s okay to use “the system”, and also sometimes, unfortunately, they use the face of a non-profit organization and those affiliated with it, for their own personal gain. That doesn’t mean that the non-profit itself or anyone else knew of the negative intent, or participated in the wrong-doing. I believe in karma, and giving most people the benefit of the doubt. Unless there’s doubt. As for the negative ripple effect that these selfish, dishonest individuals cause – ITS CRAPPY. Fortunately, cream rises to the top. I like to think that the good in most people supersedes the bad in a few, and remaining cautiously optimistic and philanthropic prevails. Because, you and I -as well as your readers that aren’t being ignorant all know, not all fundraising is a sham! Fundamentally, people that are fundraising, volunteering, or donating are doing so because they truly believe in a cause, and want to participate in change or support a position by helping to raise awareness or actively supporting it in the way that they can. I for one never thought to Google chocolate or candy companies that have used raising money for cancer as a scam. Maybe I was being ignorant. Why would I, “Who has no conscience and does that ? I’d like to think we see things like this from a “glass half full” perspective. So, we have that in common.

I actually had seen your post on PITCHRATE and thought, now that my personal life is almost straight after having been a victim of a major identity theft case, maybe I should do more social media and promotion of an initiative I had started called, “Gift Chocolate, Give Hope”.

I have a partnership with the American Cancer Society, where when any sales or chocolate used to promote awareness or for fundraising for the ACS, Translucent Chocolates gifts all of those profits to the Chapter the Team requests, in their name. Often their volunteer teams, or a sorority, etc. will raise money for their Campaign by requesting to sell Translucent Chocolates for a Cause. I’ve been in Martha Stewart and on the O-List. I’ve seen it all (read my blog post if you have time), had a lot, lost a lot and now run and have the company mainly to raise money for PTSD and Cancer. Both medical conditions have had a massive impact on my life, and I want to participate in, and support creating as much awareness as I can. I have always supported and tried to create change when I could, and I plan to continue standing up for what I believe in.

I’m sorry that some of the reviews related to 240 sweet, or whatever the fraudulent company’s name is, reflect negatively on you. Just as there are those that use the system, there are also others in our society that are going to find something to fault you for if you have any success at all, especially if it’s more than they perceive themselves to have. Not everyone can just be happy for someone else. (You understand. The sarcasm.)

My original intent was to find your email from your blog, after seeing your request on Pitchrate and see how we may be able to leverage my company to raise more awareness and money for cancer together. I clicked on the other company’s name not realizing it was even a company, instead thinking I would find reviews on Sweets written by you… and blam…

So, my name is Annastacia Hubbard, I solely own Translucent Chocolates and work with SaveOurSoldiers.org and the American Cancer Society. I no longer sell the product to retailers, unless its at the ACS price and they themselves are gifting the profit to the ACS. In this scenario, they pay for it upfront and I personally see that the profitable portion is donated to their local chapter, as a gift, in their name.

I guess I now see me reaching out, working out maybe a bit differently. Not sure if that is good or bad.

Maybe you can use my company to support selling chocolate for cancer again. Once more helping to raise money for a cause you believe in and continue to publically touch others in your forge toward a Cure? I’ll throw it out there, think about it. I can promise you there is not one thing to throw the company under the bus for and I won’t let you down. I have not personally made a penny, and have only had volunteers working for and with me since I restarted the company in 2015. I have always been philanthropic and am proud that I have been fortunate enough to be able to use the company as a platform to help others and raise awareness for social causes I believe in and support. I’ve had my share of horrible, and dishonest people in and out of my life in the past…. recent past (think previous admin. assistant and personal identity theft and Single White Female working with her boyfriend on probation. Combined). I don’t think the company, Translucent Chocolates name, or the brand has been negatively impacted thankfully- but the ripple effects of others actions have made my life feel miserable from time to time too. We also have that in common, which I guess we’ll have if we put yourself out there. However I’m sure you also have plenty more days where you feel appreciated and know you have made a positive impact. Once in awhile I have the day when I think it’s over, whatever “it” is, and its not. The moment of knowing, and the feeling of something that has been left unfinished. Do you have those days? Where, When You Think its Over, Its Not? That’s the name of my blog. I have been hoping to write regularly, but have not yet. Maybe I’ll post this email.

Whatever your today is, I hope that you get this, and read it.
I’m supposed to be typing another report on the ic3.org site regarding more fraud on my new debit card just this past week again – instead I deviated from that task by opening Gmail. I had just copied to paste, the FBI website https://www.fbi.gov/scams-and-safety/common-fraud-schemes/credit-card-fraud, to my husband in Iraq so can we both report the additional incident, by the same person who’s still not in custody, to the FBI in the manner in which they would like it documented. I saw an email from Pitchrate and opened it which has resulted in this email. I’m sitting having a bowl of mussels and a beer in Chicago. Pretending the traffics going to get better so I can get back to my daughter and dog at my mother-in-laws in Madison, sometime tonight. I will have weathered a week (endured is a better word to describe the weather) of the North. I have two days left before I make the 17 hour trek back home to Florida, having been strongly reminded why I like it there better in the winter.
Feel free to call me. Please do, or text. I really don’t check email regularly. 312-404-1812. I hope that this finds you well. Happy Holidays!



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