About Your Custom Colored Confection Specialists

Translucent Chocolates has been creating custom colored chocolate coated seed, nut, and fruit mixes as well as offering monochromatic Pantone creations to compliment any occasion, venue or event since 2005. Our goal is always to provide superior customer experiences by making any chocolate vision an edible reality, and by offering unique, trendy colored mixes created each season that is aesthetically pleasing. We are client centered and encourage you to experiment with both the chocolate coated contents of your choice and the presentation that fits your needs. We consistently deliver the perfect combination. We value our clients, and can’t wait to make your creation the next one that is remembered.

Annastacia and her team pride themselves on consistently creating delicious, creative client experiences only Custom Colored Chocolate Coated mixes of sunflower seeds, nuts, espresso beans, caramel, and or/fruits can deliver. Whether you need a stunning spread, corporate branding, or elegant wedding favors, our team can be counted on to deliver you a high-quality product, that full of unique delicious excellence.

We love our customers and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Click here to use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or how we can improve.

Our Vision

The concept of Translucent Chocolates is a continual exploration in simplicity, focusing on both the interior and exterior expression of brand strength, packaging, and product presentation. I was once told, “Don’t start a company to educate people on a new product but rather find a way for people to see something conventional in a new light.” My intent in starting this company was to find a way to artistically express color through distinctive chocolate.

Today, we have an enormous amount of freedom, opportunity, and choice. I chose to place the greatest importance upon an individual’s creativity and focus my attention on their personalized service. With a core aesthetic that engages modern design, I am continually searching for ways that express color without restrictions.

Nuts, seeds, and fruits that can be uniquely color coated and then presented in an uninhibited package become a vessel to let anyone wanting to experiment in. And who doesn’t like chocolate? Translucent Chocolates is about choices and expressing those choices through color and amazing chocolate. So go ahead, indulge. Put together the essential ingredients that evoke your imagination and make you happy.